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linqinaction While Linq isn’t officially due out until Feburary, there are already a number of books available.  The book I have been reading is the Linq In Action book which I have had access to via the Manning Early Access Program as a PDF ebook.  This is a good way to access the book as you can download the nearly finished chapters at certain points while the book is being completed which allows you to read it in blocks and gain a good idea of the technology.  When the book is finally finished, you will be sent either a printed copy or the final ebook version.

On Monday, all of the chapters where made available to download via the program.  I still have to read the final few chapters, however I just wanted to comment on how good I have found this book.   The book doesn’t just focus on Linq to SQL, but instead covers all aspects of the framework so you will have a great understanding.

The book starts with an introduction of what Linq is and builds this more and more throughout the book.  It provides a very good high level overview of all the sections, however goes deep into the inner works of Linq to give you an in-depth understanding when and where it is required.  It also covers the advance parts of Linq, such as extending Linq and Linq in the different layers of the application so you will be really ready to use the technology on your first project.

No matter what level of understanding you have of linq, be it your trying it for the first time or already have a good understand this is a really good book to read and you will gain a lot from reading it.  Once I get the final version of the book, I will give it another read. 

Table of Contents

Part I – Getting started
 1. Introducing LINQ
 2. C# and VB.NET language enhancements 
 3. LINQ building blocks
Part II – Querying objects in memory
 4. Getting familiar with LINQ to Objects 
 5. Working with LINQ and DataSets 
 6. Beyond basic in-memory queries
Part III – Mapping objects to relational databases
 7. Getting started with LINQ to SQL
 8. Peeking under the covers
 9. Advanced LINQ to SQL features
Part IV – Manipulating XML
 10. Introducing LINQ to XML 
 11. Querying and transforming XML 
 12. Common LINQ to XML scenarios
Part V – LINQing it all together
 13. Extending LINQ
 14. LINQ in every layer

The book should be in stores in January 2008, but you can purchase and download the ebook today. You can download the first chapter for free.

The book website is

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