NxtGenUG Fest07 Post Event

On Wednesday, I attended NxtGenUG’s Fest07 event at TVP.  In summary, It was a great event.

Rafal Lukawiecki was one of the main presenters, talking about Vista Security and Software Development Paradigms, which where some of the best talks I have saw before.  He has such passion, and is a great presenter. He makes listening to him really interesting and allows you to take everything in yet moves at a fast pace so its full of interesting content.  Even his laptop running out of battery didn’t put him off.  Great speaker, was cool that NxtGen managed to get him.

Daniel Moth and Mike Taulty’s talk was also very enlightening and assuming.  They split the roles of the presentation, Daniel did the slides while Mike did the demos – worked well.  I thought this talk pretty much summed up the whole day, laid back, funny, but also full of content with interesting discussions about various points. 

As you would expect from NxtGen, the day ended with a game show – Swaggily Fortunes – the Microsoft Family vs the NxtGenUG Members Family.  Nice concept, but more of a reason to though swag at us, it was a good way to end the day on a lighthearted note.  Everyone got to leave with a piece of swag, mainly either a book, VS2005 or Vista Home Premium I think – looked to be a lot there, plus a T-shirt or two.

Bad point, could have done with some drinks apart from Coke, tea and coffee.  There is only so much you can drink… 🙂

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