DevelopDevelopDeveloper! Day 3 – Post Event Blog

Afternoon all.

Just got back from Reading after a very enjoyable day attending DDD3.

Attended the first two They where OK, The Tiers one was not done by the original person, so was a bit on the spot but still left a few questions unanswered about tiers. The control just talked about overriding render methods – would have liked Editor & Designer support, maybe thats just me.

Then had the Attacking Windows / Web Apps. Very very cool talk!! Had a lot of cool stuff and the guy presented it really well. Also thinking final year project 😉 watch this space on that one.

Attended the Start software company for £5000 (infact it worked out to £5034) – was cool and interesting, but not for me (at the moment).

Finally was the Linq (C# 3.0) talk – was cool, but would have liked to see a lot more on DLinq.

So a very enjoyable day (plus cool freebies (nice ice cream)) but would have prefered the talks to be at a 300-400 level, where I felt they where more a 200 level. Most people their seemed to know there stuff, so would have been nice to use the time to show the deeper topics (this might have just been the talks I attended).

So now….going to look at the OWASP project (Security) and see if I can work that into a disseration. Need to start revision for my 70-528 ( Microsoft Exam this week.


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