Starting GTD (Getting Things Done)

So today I am going to start GTD (Getting Things Done).

Found this link which talks about the approach from a student point of view.

Not sure how well it will work – but I will give it a go. Might solve all my problems, or might be a week wasted reading the book.

I think it could be important at this point to set out some objectives, or things I would like to solve by trying this approach.

  • Not get so distracted by what I have to do
  • Not get so distracted by tangents
  • No more down time – this morning I have spent 2 hours trying decide on what to do. This happens a lot and I hate wasting the time.
  • Have some time off to watch DVDs (still haven’t watched 24 Season 2) without feeling like I should be doing some work
  • When reading a book, not to stop half way and move onto another completely different topic (Design Patterns > C++ coding)
  • Have a system in place for when I return to University so things don’t get forgotten and mismanaged and I have time to successfully do all the work required.

Think I should point out that I am not doing GTD to help me study, but to allow me to study without being distracted (procrastinating &, to allow me to read all the books required, develop applications, spend time with the girlfriend and basically work on everything I want (the list is endless).

Even if I don’t follow GTD to the book, I am hoping I will be able to take some tips from it.  Just a shame I didn’t start this time last year.

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