Email Down and Bouncing

Looks like my email service has gone down and bouncing all emails to the senders.

Not happy with my hosts for this, I’m ok with email going down – but not bouncing them back to the sender!!

If anyone is trying to contact me, I am sorry, please bear with them.

If anyone knows a good reseller hosting provider cheaply then drop me a email (opps, hmmm, post a comment).

Tempted to get everything going to my email forwarded onto my gmail account in future.


Email looks to be back and working – however I do not have my past emails until Friday. All new emails are getting to me.

2 thoughts on “Email Down and Bouncing”

  1. Hi!
    I searched for Applying UML and Patterns book and saw your blog. intresting! I am living in London at the moment and has a UML project in Norway! I have been recomanded to read this book to do my project. Do you think I have to read this book to do a simple UML diagram? I am reading UML in 24 hours, it is good, but doesn’t go to details! I have to present my project in 3 weeks and I am seeting calm and ask everone about it! what about unified process? I have the software with tutorial, you think it will help?
    It is a pleasure if you answer my comment with email.

  2. Hello,
    Thanks for reading my blog

    I would stay away from UML in 24 hours. Try UML Distilled by Martin Flower, I think its the best UML book out there and using at the moment on my degree.

    Remember, UML is just a notation. The important concepts are identifying the classes, use cases and sometimes sequence diagrams. Also try Poseidon for UML to draw your UML.

    “unified process” I guess you mean RUP and development methodology. RUP is a type of iterative process (which is good) but is very corporate in its approach (IBM). Lots of books on different methodologies and it comes down to your situation and requirements. Personally, I like XP (eXtreme Programming).



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