Imagine Cup 2006 Results :: Imagine Cup 2007 Theme

The finals of the Imagine Cup 2006 where today and I just saw on Channel9 that Italy won!!  Brazil came second, with Norway coming third. Congratulations to Italy and all the other entries….

Have a look at there design, and the other finalists here:

Sadly I never got a team together for 2006. However 2007 competition title has already been announced.  The theme is: “Imagine a world where technology enables education for all” (  So start thinking about some ideas, and who you want to be in your team.  

If anyone wants to drop me an email regarding this then please feel free @ Ben {at} Ben Hall {dot} me {dot} uk.

Hopefully I will be entering this year, all being well I will be a Microsoft Student Partner and I will have more contacts/developer friends to form a team with. Just getting to the UK finals would be a excellent achievement.

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