WWDC 2006: Inside Apple on Blu-ray, MacPro and Apple’s media center strategy. What to expect, and not to expect, at WWDC

Found this to be an interesting read, it is about upcoming Apple products and WWDC.  Lot of talk about WWDC online at the moment.


Most interesting bit for me personally:

A. Any truth to an Apple Tablet?
Q. Prototyped of course. Price is the issue, without cannibalizing the MacBook. The ideal price is $599. But it’d cost too much to make. Take an average guy visiting an Apple Store at his local mall. If he had to choose between a $1099 MacBook or tablet, the MacBook would win. A tablet is too niche at that price – only the Apple elite would buy. We’re becoming generalists and the Apple Store supports that strategy. Generalists with superior products.

Like a lot of other people, I would love to see an Apple Tablet, but I wouldn’t pay $1099 for it (ok, I would, but I wouldn’t like to).

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