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After using a site called for around a year, I thought I should really post something about their excellent service!

An example is as follows:

Yesterday morning, I purchased three new books for uni next year.  The total for the three books came to £49.57 including FREE! postage and packaging and a 5% discount for a review I wrote previous. As an example, Amazon would have been £52.77 with their slow Super Saver shipping (5-7 days).  Yesterday afternoon I received an email saying the items had been shipped – Excellent!

This morning, a DHL van pulled up with the guy holding a average size box.  It just happens to be the books arriving.  Excellent! Not only where the books cheaper than Amazon, but the arrived a week earlier than Amazon would have.

I have had numerous experiences with this company, and all of them have been really good, never had a single problem (touch wood). The great thing about this company is that they attend the large Microsoft events, with a stand so you can have a quick look and buy on the stop and the same great price as online.  Saw them at VS Launch Day, DDD3, the MSDN Roadshow (might attend others I haven’t).

So visit the site, have a look around and see if anything takes your fancy.

Every Friday they update the best new books list so you can see the latest topics on offer. Currently they have the new WPF book on there.


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