Microsoft Student Partner 2006/2007

It’s just been confirmed that I will be a Microsoft Student Partner (MSP) for 2006/2007 which is excellent news!!

The role is basically promoting Microsoft on campus and around University, I also get invited to various events at Microsoft which is excellent and really looking forward to.

I’m really excited about this, hopefully Hertfordshire will support my efforts and it will be a great year for all.

More will be posted on this thoughout the year.



4 thoughts on “Microsoft Student Partner 2006/2007”

  1. Congratulations Ben! It’s a great opportunity for your university and you – make the most of it. A lot of MSPs over the past 3 years have gone on to do some pretty neat stuff like work at MS, develop Xbox games or become consultants at big bluechip companies.

  2. Ben,
    May I add my congratulations as well. I just saw your blog and recognize this is coming a few months after your initial post, but your having been selected was the result of hard work on your part – so, a hearty Congratulations! I would be interested in your experiences and how you coped with studies and the additional responsibilities of the MSP program.

    Best regards to you, Sir,

    Edward P Gibson
    Chief Security Advisor
    Microsoft Ltd UK
    [email protected]

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