NxtGenUG ad Advanced ASP.NET Exploits and Countermeasures course

The NxtGenUG have just posted information regarding a 2 day training course entitled “Advanced ASP.NET Exploits and Countermeasures” run by Dinis Cruz.  Dinis was one of the presenters on the Ed Gibson roadshow, and he has ran this training course at various conferences such as at Black Hat.  The course will be run in both London and Birmingham.

Dinis is a great presenter and I have heard great things about the course.

More information on the course itself can be found over on the Black Hat website however I am not sure if the content will be 100% the same.

More information on the NxtGenUG training course can be found on their website.

Personally, I would love to attend.



NxtGenUg was been created by 3 evangelists of Microsoft technology and hold regular meetings in Coventry, Birmingham and now Oxford every month with excellent speakers on a wide range of topics, together with some food and chat it makes for a great evening. 

If you have never been to a user group meeting before I strongly recommend you attend a local one.  The guys at NxtGen are great and I have really enjoyed the meetings I have attended (just a shame they haven’t got a meeting in Hertfordshire yet) – well worth the monthly subscription and the group seems to be getting bigger and better every month.

For more information visit www.NxtGenUG.net

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