DDD4 Agenda Posted

The agenda has been posted on the site.


This is what I think I am going to do:

SQL AND XML (Presentation) Dave McMahon or How to Write Crap Code in C# (Presentation) Ben Lamb

An Introduction to Microsoft Robotics Studio (Presentation) Steve Tudor or The Use and Abuse of Reflection (Presentation) Joanna Carter

“But it works on my PC!” or continuous integration to improve software quality (Presentation) Richard Fennell or Securing applications and communications in ASP.NET (Presentation) Barry Dorrans

Introduction to Aspect Oriented Programming (Presentation) Abid Quereshi or TechED Highlights (Presentation) Richard Costall & Dave McMahon

Extensible LINQing (Presentation) Oliver Sturm

Depends how I feel on the day which I will be attending, but looks like there is something for everyone.

There is a strong NxtGenUG feel to the day which is great to see.


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