Happy New Years Eve 2006

So its New Years Eve, so I decided that I would post something reflecting on 2006 and looking forward to 2007.  I think I’ve missed off loads of items but these are the main points which have stuck out for me.


  1. Attended DDD3
  2. Obtained MCTS (Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist): Web Applications
  3. Read GTD (Getting Things Done, David Allen) which, although hasn’t helped much with Uni has helped with other parts of my life.
  4. Finished my placement year,  enjoyed the year – throughout all the ups and downs. Created some very good applications, while also making some mistakes but I have grown and improved as a result.
  5. Read loads of books, too many to list here.  Main one I was impressed with was Craig Larman’s Applying UML and Patterns
  6. Started working on the MbUnit project
  7. Started to attend the NxtGenUG
  8. Became a Microsoft Student Partner.  Very proud of this 🙂
  9. Attended DDD4
  10. Appeared on the DDD4 video on Channel 9
  11. Got an XBox 360
  12. Talked to some great people over the year, listened to some great presentations.
  13. Been a Vista Beta Tester and got a free copy
  14. Started to blog, which has been move successful than I first imagined.


Some items for the start of 2007:

  1. Release some applications.  I want to stop just developing POC and release something useful to the world.  Got loads of ideas, just need to convert it into something useful.
  2. Hold a vista launch event on campus as part of my MSP year.
  3. Do more MbUnit work
  4. Improve my WPF and WPF/E knowledge
  5. Improve my Linq knowledge
  6. Get a graduate job somewhere…
  7. Attend more NxtGenUG meetings
  8. Present @ DDD4/DDD5? Maybe just at a NxtGenUG event
  9. Get to know more people
  10. Spend more time with Sarah (Girlfriend)
  11. Blog more
  12. Submit a Imagine Cup entry
  13. Create screencasts/articles on new topics
  14. Oh yeah, graduating might be an important one 🙂


Think that covers what I plan to do for the first few months of 2007.  After that – who knows 🙂


btw.  Sure I’ve missed off really important items – sorry.

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