Microsoft launching Windows home server product at CES (or Live Drive?)

Engadget are reporting that Microsoft will be launching a home server (codename Quattro) at CES.  I’ve heard reports about Quattro before being a cut down version of 2003 but I’m not sure it would be released a CES – if anything it will just be an announcement that its coming.

Windows Connected has a image of the CES guide with Microsoft having an ad regarding data storage.  They are suggesting the Windows Live Drive launch, this I feel is a lot more likely than a server product and what I predict will be announced (in beta format of course).

I know this is required, with more and more data and computers in the house there needs to be a good reliable way of storing data.

Personally, I would like both 🙂

Time will tell, but not much time as CES is January 8-11.

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