WebDD Registration Open!

The registration for WebDD on February 3rd 2007 is now open.

To register visit:

Looking forward to seeing you there (hopefully).


“Standards. Design. Future. Three topics that are on everyone’s wish list, but that often get left by the wayside as time rolls by. If you’re interested in all three, then WebDD is for you.

WebDD is a new conference covering both design and development, with a focus on design standards, best practices, and emerging  and future technologies. There will be a variety of talks covering topics such as Accessibility, CSS, Standards, ASP.NET, and Ruby, with the aim of bringing developers and designers together to share ideas.

If these sound like the sort of topics you want to learn about then sign up. The best part – it’s free and on a Saturday, so you don’t even need to take a day off from work.

WebDD is not a Microsoft event but is organised by the web community for the web community with Microsoft as our premier sponsor.

For further details and the full agenda, please visit: http://www.WebDD.org.uk ”


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