WebDD: Scott Guthrie is coming to the UK

At DDD4, WebDD was annouched and it would take place on Saturday 3rd February. This is an event run for Web Developers and designers at Microsoft HQ UK (Reading). 

The organizes have just annouched the speakers and sessions, with Scott Guthrie (General Manager for ASP.net, WPF, WPF/E, WinForms, IIS7 – all the cool topics atm (apart from C# 3.0)) doing a couple of sessions.  How cool is that!!  They have also got some other great speakers with some great sessions.  Sounds like an amazing event!!! Can’t WAIT! 


More info at:


UPDATE:  Plip just posted regarding registration

“Space is strictly limited and when all the places are gone, that’s it.

We’ll be opening registration fully within the next 48 hours.”

If its anything like DDD4 it will be gone in a couple of days…


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