Imagine Cup UK 2007 Link Round-up

The dust is now starting to settle, for us anyway, from the whirlwind which was the UK Imagine Cup final on 30th March.

I thought I would just summarise with various blog posts and links about the final.


Phil Winstanley has a really interesting post from the viewpoint of the judges.


Mark Johnston who helped the three teams during the hour and a bit gap


Rob Milles, University of Hull lecturer and team mentor


Ben Noble, who entered the Imagine Cup a few years ago


And just to finish off, a congratulations from Andrew Stopford.


We have had loads of congratulations emails from various people at University which is great.  I would just like to say thank you to everyone at Microsoft UK for the Thursday/Friday, we all had a great time – it’s just a shame we can’t enter next year but hopefully someone will be representing the University.


If anyone has saw any other links, just add them to the comments, I’ll do the same if I see any more.  Keep an eye out for some articles about my Imagine Cup experience.



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