NxtGenUG – On The Rails event

Tonight I made the trip back up to Coventry for a NxtGenUG event Dave Verwer from Shiny Development gave a talk on Ruby on Rails.  Having used Rails in my final year project I had a ‘good’ understanding already, mainly on the security side, however Dave gave a great insight into Rails and made certain items which where unclear before (but due to time limited I didn’t dive deep into Rails) became a lot clearer and I understand more how everything links together and how some things are possible.  Ruby is on my list of things to learn, but after tonight has moved up one or two places in important.

I also gave a nugget on the Imagine Cup – Slides are available here.  The nugget was based on my experience within this years Imagine Cup competition. I think the talk went well, maybe I went over everything a little bit too quick but it was good experience so hopefully next time I will be a little bit more relaxed – I had more time than I thought.

As for the event itself, it was well organised, very friendly. If you haven’t attended a user group meeting before, I really recommend attending, they are very relaxing but informative at the same time, plus if you are unsure about anything then just drop the organisers a email and they should be happy to help you.  No matter where you are in the UK, there should be a user group within the local area, Microsoft have a list on their site.  If you have problems finding a group, let me know and I’ll ask around for you.

Next event for me will be DDD5, then back to NxtGen for WPF.

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