Notepad2 Integration

I’ve been using Notepad2 for a few weeks now and find it to be a great addition to my toolset, however I don’t like the way it doesn’t integrate into Windows and is just a standalone exe. With version 2.0.17 just released, I decided I would create a reg file which would setup the integration.  There are posts online which explain how to replace notepad.exe with notepad2.exe but I didn’t really want to do that incase I change my mind next week (more than likely).

Registry file to install Notepad2.  This will add a Edit with Notepad2 onto context menus of files, and change the default for txt files to open with Notepad2.  To have Notepad2 be the default for other file types, the registry key for the file needs to point to the value Notepad2. For example:


Registry file to remove Notepad2. This will remove the context menu items, and set the file association to .txt back to the default. The only other step then is to create a start menu item shortcut, if you want – personally, I never use it.

[Sorry about the .txt extension, host doesn’t allow .reg files to be downloaded.  Remove extension to use]


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