Remove Recent Projects from Visual Studio 2008

Ever wanted to remove an item from the recent projects menu on the start page of Visual Studio?

The list is stored in the registry under:


Here, you will find a list like this:

File1 Reg_Expand_Sx Path

File2 Reg_Expand_Sx Path

File3 Reg_Expand_Sx Path

File4 Reg_Expand_Sx Path

You just need to delete the items you don’t want.  Note: If you delete item 2 you will need to rename item 3 and 4 so there are no gaps in the naming. (3 becomes 2, 4 becomes 3).

Another way is just to wait until you have opened more projects.  Also, if you delete the project solution and try and open it, Visual Studio will display a dialog asking if you want to remove it from the list.

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6 thoughts on “Remove Recent Projects from Visual Studio 2008”

  1. It’s mind boggling to me that we continue to support a company that habitually ignores us, even in the face of EU fines. We really only have ourselves to blame.

  2. can be simpler, if the project file is existed:

    1. move the entire project folder to a different location;
    2. open the VS then click the project name. VS cannot find the project file then will ask whether you want to remove it. Click yes
    3. undo move

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