Visual Studio Second Life User Group

So this is a little strange, but kinda makes sense.  There is a Second Life user group and today Brad Abrams is doing a talk on Silverlight.

I’ve never used Second Life before, so I might pop-in to have a look.  Second life is free (I always thought you had to pay…) and the client download is only 33mb (only…wouldn’t have said that a few years ago).

Not sure if the evening is going to be hosted by the guys at, but it sounds separate.

Event Details:

Guest Speaker: Brad Abrams, Group Program Manager, .NET Framework

When: Thursday, August 30th, 3 – 4 PM PST – That’s 10pm UK Time (I think).

Where: Visual Studio Island Auditorium in Second Life


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One thought on “Visual Studio Second Life User Group”

  1. Millions of Us will be hosting the event! 🙂 I’m suprised you havent used Second Life Before. Thought you would have attended the Microsoft Imagine Cup Gallery on Second Life >> or even the Microsoft Visual Studio Island Launch Party >>

    I got myself 5th place in the original easter egg competition 😀

    Anyhow – how are you?

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