Silverlight 1.0 Release – Official Linux Support

Scott Guthrie has blogged about the Silverlight 1.0 Released and Silverlight for Linux Announced.

The interesting thing to note is that Microsoft now have a formal partnership with Novell over Moonlight (Novell’s / Mono’s implementation of Silverlight which runs on linux). 

Miguel de Icaza who started the mono project has wrote some more details of the partnership on his blog.  He says Microsoft are allowing the team access to the Silverlight test suite, which will ensure 100% compatibility and access to the Silverlight specification for 1.0 RTM and 1.1 as and when it is updated.

On a side note, Phil Haack has wrote why Should Microsoft Really Bundle Open Source Software? and made some really good points.  While the pre-agreement with Novell would definitely have helped the situation, its great that Microsoft took the work on Moonlight into account and support them instead of creating their own implementation.

Official partnership with .Net and the Mono framework next?

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