Windows Live Writer Plugin – Adding an icon

So something I forgot to mention so far is now to add an icon to your plugin.

The image file must be a bitmap (png) and be 20×18.  Below is the correct format for a plugin icon, the image is the LiveWriter icon.  I haven’t add transparency, but you could if you wanted.


To add an icon, first include it in the VS solution and set the Build Action on the file properties to be an Embedded Resource and the Copy to Output property to Copy Always.

Then, in the WriterPlugin attribute, set the ImagePath property to be the image filename “writer.png”. If the image is in a sub directory, then you need to include the foldername in the filename. 

For example ImagesWriter.png would be Images.Writer.png

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One thought on “Windows Live Writer Plugin – Adding an icon”

  1. I was just writing a plug-in for Live writer, i finished writing the plug-in functionalities, but with the help of your post i finished the plug-in.

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