SubSonic and MVC

So from my last few posts, you might know I’m a fan of SubSonic and Rob Conery (SubSonic creator) has accepted an offer to join Microsoft.  His role, working on the the MVC framework and SubSonic full time.

The team seriously have some amazing people working for them and on this MVC framework, what an amazing team that would be to work in!!

“SubSonic will be the convention-driven toolset for Microsoft’s new MVC framework”  SubSonic will remain open source, but from the sounds of it, SubSonic will be the ORM for MVC. 

Jon Galloway always said “Microsoft should ship SubSonic…” I think they have just gone one better by employing the creator and leaving it open source!! How cool!

I can’t wait for the first drop of the framework, going to take a lot of my attention I think.  It’s going to rock!!

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