T-Mobile (UK) Release Windows Mobile 6

This made me very happy yesterday when Jason Langridge posted this.  T-Mobile have officially released Windows Mobile 6 for a range of their Windows Mobile phones, including my MDA Vario II.

All you need to do is go to the Download Site and grab the release.

Few comments I have after installing it.

  • WM6 wipes everything on your phone
  • Very hard to find a good backup program. I gave up, copied all the files onto my laptop and numbers onto my sim card (I found an option in one of the menus to do this).  Meant I lost all SMS messages.
  • Install is very easy.  Plug phone in over USB, run the installer and it will install happily
  • WM6 looks very nice
  • Its faster

It will keep me happy until a iPhone with 3G and built in GPS is released.  Having said that, Windows Mobile 6.1 is on some of the new phones.  Screenshots are at http://www.boygeniusreport.com/2007/12/03/windows-mobile-61-standard-in-100-pictures/

I also installed TouchPal which is very cool. 

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One thought on “T-Mobile (UK) Release Windows Mobile 6”

  1. if you have to do any hard resets or flashes in future use a program called pimbackup 2.8 (google for it) it records all emails sms and call history and contacts etc.

    in terms of backup program for total backup spb backup is fairly cheap and or sktools. worth the money for piece of mind.

    nice site 🙂

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