Happy 2008!

Well, it’s the end of another year, last year I did a post to summarise the year and plans for the next year so I thought I would review my progress.  It’s been a very interesting year with lots of different things happening.  Just some of the things technically based I have done:

  1. Made a snowman, wonder if we will get enough snow to do that again this year – We had a snow baby and his name is Frosty
  2. Finished 3rd in the UK round of the Imagine Cup – Ben Hall’s Blog- Imagine Cup 2007 UK Final — Herts of Code
  3. Joined Red Gate – Graduate Test Engineer @ Red Gate Software
  4. Held a Vista and Office Launch on campus – University of Hertfordshire Vista and Office Launch
  5. Gave a few nuggets at NxtGenUG Coventry.
  6. Graduated from University of Hertfordshire with a First.  Also won a University prize for academic achievements and the Imagine Cup.
  7. Spoke at DDD6 on MbUnit
  8. Wrote two articles on Rhino Mocks
  9. Wrote 220 blog posts
  10. Attended TechEd Europe
  11. Started planning Alt.Net.UK

So what do I have planned for 2008?  Here are just a few things I really want to do.

  1. Speak at NxtGenUG next month.
  2. Alt.Net.UK Conference
  3. DDD7…. I will submit one or two sessions. 
  4. Blog more – I want to hit the 300 posts in a year…
  5. Achieve my MCTS in SQL Server 2005.
  6. Learn more about SQL Server 2008.
  7. Release some software… Don’t know what, but something simply but effective.
  8. Produce more screencasts
  9. Write more articles
  10. Maybe speak somewhere else. Need to decide what to speak on…
  11. Play on my XBox 360 more.
  12. As a developer, I want to better understand the low level aspects of software development (threads, JIT, Garbage collection – generally the CLR and DLR better). I also want to improve my high level understanding (patterns and practices).
  13. As a tester, I want to improve my skill at writing automated tests.  I also want to improve my manual testing abilities.
  14. Read more code. I want to start reading more open source code from various different projects to help point 12 and 13.
  15. Learn Ruby/IronRuby

Wonder how many of them I will actually get done…

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