Alt.Net UK Summer Conference Dates Announced

We are pleased to announce that the Alt.Net UK Conference will be returning in September, and that there will be room for more attendees this time!

The plan is host the event at Conway Hall in London [1] and our thinking is to follow the same sort of schedule as we did in February:
– Evening planning session on Friday 12th September, following by a trip to a bar to socialise.
– The Open Spaces sessions all day on Saturday 13th September

This time we are thinking of starting off Saturday with a Park Bench to get the juices flowing.

We are very open to listening to feedback from the community if you think that there are ways that we can improve on the conference experience.

We would especially like to have more testers, technical authors and usability folk attend to foster cross-pollination of ideas.

User registration will start from Friday 11th July at 07:00 UK time [2] so the early birds will get the worm!

The following social hubs have also been set up: Upcoming [3], Facebook [4], FriendFeed [5] and LinkedIn. Don’t forget that you can subscribe to the AltNetUk News River [6].

Finally, we are currently looking for sponsorship, so if you know of an organisation that would be interested to be associated with the conference in return for a little lucre, we would love to hear from you / them! (The conference is non-profit)

Conchango and RedGate have generously agreed to be launch sponsors – but more is needed, especially as we have to pay for Conway Hall this time.







Ian Cooper, Ben Hall and Alan Dean


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  1. It allows people to access the site before leaving for work, but also allows people to register while having their morning coffee and blog rounds – well, thats the theory anyway 🙂

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