Very exciting news! Red Gate’s .Net Reflector

ReflectorRed Gate announced today that, under a new agreement, it will be responsible for the future development of .NET Reflector, the popular tool authored by Lutz Roeder.

Reflector is one of the must-have tools if you are a .Net developer or tester, allowing you to really understand the software and APIs in a very unique fashion. Personally, I always have a copy of Reflector open on my desktop and without it .Net development would be very different!

If you are interested knowing more about this agreement, I would recommend you read the interview between James Moore and Lutz Roeder on Simple Talk. The most important part – “Red Gate will continue to offer the tool for free to the community.”

If you haven’t tried Reflector yet, I really recommend you download it. It could change the way you develop .Net applications –

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5 thoughts on “Very exciting news! Red Gate’s .Net Reflector”

  1. ]] “we will continue to provide a free version of .NET Reflector for the benefit of the community.” [[

    However, the phrasing of that suggests that Red Gate will also be offering a paid version.

  2. @james – Indeed you see my point.

    If there are two versions, one paid for and one free as in beer I’d hope that the free one has as much functionality as it has now.

    If RedGate add real value and features to the version you need to part with actual denari for, then it is really is good news.

    So many people use relfector daily and will need to see what happens before we truly welcome our new corporate overlords.

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