Bad Software – Google Ads – They have a time and place

Google Ads (Adsense) has a time and a place on websites, for example it’s a great way of bloggers to earn some additional revenue to cover hosting costs, along with many companies befitting from its advertising model.

This morning I was searching around for some test tools, and I was directed to one particular site.  After landing on the companies website, which I was told sold software testing tools, I was greeted with a large banner followed by a large block of Google ads followed by some content.


I’m not sure how many other websites are doing this, but if you are attempting to sell something to a visitor of your site – what is the point in having Google ads?  If you are having to use Google Ads to up the income of your product, I think you need to look again at your product.

When selling products on your website, focus on the users experience, making sure the information is clear and easy to understand.  Make sure nothing gets in the way of users being able to find this information and how you earn your money.

Why attempt to earn a few additional dollars on the side by ruining this experience and making your core message more difficult to find, losing potential customers in the process. 

Needless to say, I didn’t stop long on the site.

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One thought on “Bad Software – Google Ads – They have a time and place”

  1. Too true.

    There’s a massive overuse of Google Ads and it’s making many a website look scrappy.

    I’ve nothing against a small section of ads on the site but the preference seems to be to have so many it’s near impossible to find the content!

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