Making my blog suck less – Retweet (via @Tweetmeme)

For those of your who haven’t come across Tweetmeme before, they are a Reading (UK) based startup aggregating all the links which are retweeted on twitter. Many say it is ‘digg for twitter’.

While my blog posts generally don’t get retweeted, I wanted to include a retweet button as an experiment to see if it will have any difference on the traffic, tweets of blog posts or my followers count.

To add the tweetmeme button onto my posts, I simply include the following javascript. Note, I’ve made some adjustments, firstly I have gone for the compact style, I have also manually set the url which the button relates to which is set by the blogger platform and finally set the retweet to come from me.

		tweetmeme_style = 'compact';
		tweetmeme_url = '';
		tweetmeme_source = 'ben_hall';

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