Installing Cucumber 0.8.5 fails due to gherkin not installed

This morning I was attempting to install the latest version of Cucumber, however I recieved an error saying gherkin (the language parser of the tests) was not installed.

C:>gem install cucumber –no-ri –no-rdoc
ERROR:  Error installing cucumber:
        cucumber requires gherkin (~> 2.1.4, runtime)

Generally, gems install all of the dependencies so I found this a little bit strange. Naturally, I manually install it.

C:>gem install gherkin –no-ri –no-rdoc
Successfully installed gherkin-2.2.0-x86-mswin32
1 gem installed

Sadly, this still didn’t work. The reason was it needs 2.1.4 installed, not the 2.2 version.

Executing the following allowed me to install Cucumber as normal

gem install gherkin –version 2.1.4 –no-ri –no-rdoc

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