2011 – An Unexpected Journey

When I started this post I wanted to reflect on the interesting year I’ve had. I wanted to talk about how launching a start-up had taught me so much about business, technology and myself. I wanted to go on and cover how it has also meant making sacrifices, such as missing Glastonbury even when I had a ticket and cutting back on spending, blogging, open source and conference speaking – the things I really enjoy. Finally, I wanted to end with how start-up life has sometimes meant working in isolation and at times being demotivated and stressed with how everything was going.

However, while it’s important for me to look back I also want to focus on looking forward which can be summed up by this tweet:

#2012 Release more. Blog more. Drink more. Earn more.
— Ben Hall (@Ben_Hall) January 1, 2012

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