My blog has a few javascript errors… visualise them at MaydayHQ

I knew my blog had a few issues, but I had no idea how many!

I’m not the only one. Every day users are encountering bugs and errors with websites that causes them confusion, creates a terrible experience and encourages them to a competitor resulting in companies losing revenue! Companies try and have a friendly “Oops – something went wrong” approach, but it doesn’t hide the problem that the user had a problem.

To make matters worse, companies are unaware of the problems real users are experiencing and instead wait for them to contact customer support – this worked in physical stores, it doesn’t work for the web. With more powerful javascriptHTML5 applications, the buzz around web stores and the wide range of devices pushing the boundaries then problems only going to get worse.

This is why we (Meerkatalyst) created Mayday ( A product designed to capture the problems users experience allowing companies to fix problems before anyone even complains. This means more happy users and as such more revenue. With big plans for the future we’re taking small steps and iterating quick. Currently we’re alerting companies to javascript and in-browser errors and potential reasons for the problem.

You can visualise the errors affecting visitors of my blog at and you can sign up at

We’d love to hear your feedback on this, you can reach us at @MaydayHQ or if your in the London Cambridge area then we’d love to meetup for a coffeebeer.

A sneak peek at Meerkatalyst.Lonestar

As I had some free time on my hands today I decided to create a new project called Lonestar. For those of you who are interested, here is the first (working) screenshot. Can anyone guess what it is?

Meerkatalyst.Lonestar Hello World Screenshot

For those of you who are following me on twitter then you will know I’ve been mentioning Meerkatalyst for a while – all will become clear soon. For now, keep an eye on my blog, the Meerkatalyst website and twitter feeds (@ben_hall and @meerkatalyst) for more exciting news on Lonestar and other projects!