Re-Launching blog?

So i’m thinking I might relaunch my blog.

I’ve got a project which I am currently looking into at porting GTK+ onto Mac OS X 10 so you can run Linux programs natively (without having ot install X11).

What does this mean?? I can get MonoDevelop running natively on my mac which means I could do some more C# coding. Plus it gives me the chance to do a bit more C/C++ and GTK+ coding which I feel I am missing. Plus! it would be cool to work on something like this.

Don’t know how I’m am going to do it tho at the moment… this space 😉

My other project is…….my final year project / disseration. Planning on blogging my whole process daily as I work on it – and then add a link (and maybe the backup) of the blog to the end. Might interest certain people about what they could face at Uni.

Think that pretty much covers what I am doing. Looking at GTK+ now, and how to get started.

My First Blog Post!!

So I decided to sign up for I don’t know why I went for these, but I thought it was about time I started to blog.

I did develop my own, however I didn’t have the time to implement all the functions.

I’ll let you know how I find it…..