Finding assembliesmodules currently in use

Today I was trying to debug a problem and needed to see if locking was the issue.  Quick search online and I came across the tasklist command line application.  This lists all of the applications currently open together with the modules they have loaded.

To execute the list, open a command line window and type

tasklist -m

This will return everything.  If you want to stop and see everything you will need to use the more pipe.

tasklist -m | more

If you want something a bit more useful, type in the module your interested in.  This will then return only the applications open which has the module loaded.

tasklist -m MbUnit.Framework.dll

Finnally, to see a particular application with all the modules loaded you need to use a filter based on the IMAGENAME.

tasklist /FI “IMAGENAME eq MbUnit.GUI.vshost.exe” -m

I thought it was cool! 🙂

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