Ed Gibson On The Road RoadShow : Birmingham

Yesterday afternoon was the first of five events of the Ed Gibson on the road tour, the event was held in Birmingham with Dinis Cruz, Barry Dorrans there to give a helping hand…

First up was Ed Gibson who gave another great talk on the dangers of organized crime on the Internet and some of the realities which we face – very thought provoking, if not a little bit scary.

Dinis Cruz then gave another great presentation on hacking applications, didn’t do his Rooting the CLR presentation however he did demostrate Metasploit which was great to see (only heard of it, never used it before).  Also did his HacMeBank demo which was great, as this time I was looking at it from the view of my final year project and a pen tester more than a developer…

Quick break, and then the panel discussion about what is security. There where some interesting points come up from the guys and was a good active dicussion.

Overall, a very good afternoon/evening. Presentations where excellent, and the organisation by nxtgen was really good (or at least it appeared to be…).  Looking forward to more events like this is.

For more information on the remaining four events visit http://www.nxtgenug.net/EdGibson/ . I would strongly recommend going if are interested in the area of security, or just because you can get out the office for an afternoon.

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