DDD4 : Voting Open

Voting for the agenda has now opened on the DDD4 website.  If you are unsure how the voting works, you pick 10 talks you think you would like to attend, then then this gets to decide the day’s lineup. You are allowed to change your choices up until the voting ends, which will be around mid October (or so the website says)

Nice to see they have taken my advice (and others I guess) and put the Level of the talk next to it.

Vote here:

Ones i’m interested in, sure they will get my vote are:
Next Generation Data Access   (Style: Presentation – Level: 300)
Can Erten

The Use and Abuse of Reflection   (Style: Presentation – Level: 300)
Joanna Carter

How To Give Great Presentations   (Style: Presentation – Level: 100)
Guy Smith-Ferrier

TechED Highlights   (Style: Presentation – Level: 200)
Richard Costall & Dave McMahon

An Introduction to Microsoft Robotics Studio   (Style: Presentation – Level: 200)
Steve Tudor

How your web site gets owned   (Style: Presentation – Level: 300)
Barry Dorrans

Securing applications and communications in ASP.NET   (Style: Presentation – Level: 300)
Barry Dorrans

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