5 Things you didn’t know about me

I just got tagged by Mark Johnston (Microsoft UK DPE and all round nice guy).  It’s great to be tagged by you 🙂  Noticed it last night but xbox was calling and I couldn’t resist.

  1. When I was 15, create a company (was limited and all official) with my brother called TheQuoteCentre.co.uk Ltd, dealing with insurance which was successful. Sold my share to fund college, also was the first proper website I created.  Gave me a great insight into business, the web and the issues facing companies online.
  2. I hate spiders. Silly I know but I just can’t stand them.
  3. My favorite film is Kill Bill, recently watched Sin City which was amazing!
  4. My final year project is based around security in web frameworks, focusing on ASP.net and Ruby on Rails.  The working title at the moment is “To what extent do frameworks assist developers in creating secure Internet applications?”. Still got loads to do.
  5. Been with my girlfriend (Sarah) for two years and three months, for some reason she puts up with me being a geek and spending hours every day online.


Five people I am going to tag are:

Andrew Stopford – MbUnit Project Lead, great guy who knows his TDD.
Jeff Bullock – old work friend, cool guy.
Scott Findlater – friend of Jeff’s, again good guy.
Mike Taulty – UK DPE, great developer, blogs lots of cool samples.
Barry Dorrans – Great presenter.


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