Migrating from smartphone to Pocket PC

To transfer all of my contacts and calendar (capable of more, but I didn’t have anything else) from my old phone I used ActiveSync and was surprised how easy it was.

First, sync my old smartphone with PC via USB

Secondly, plug in new phone via USB and setup partnership with ActiveSync

Finally, wait for it to finish (about 30 seconds)

My phone now has all of my calendar and contacts which where on my old phone – Excellent!!

Would be nice if I could transfer the text messages as well – anyone know how?

As for usage, I have found the PPC to be a lot more usable and feature rich, as you would expect as I also went from 2003SE to 5.0, but I can see this changing as more smartphones come out and the two operating systems merge (which is due in 7.0), also found it really easy to move from the standard keyboard to a stylus + keyboard – can’t imagine going back now…


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