T-Mobile MDA Vario II

I’ve got a new phone!! I decided to go ahead and buy it after getting frustrated with my existing phone, the Samsung i300 (Windows Mobile 2003SE).

Had it since Saturday and been really pleased with it.  I love the fact that it has got GPRS, 3G and WiFi so I can check anything online when I need to. I went with T-Mobile as they offered me unlimited web and email for £7.50 a month and the tariff at £15 a month – fits in with my budget, the phone costs a little bit more, but it works out cheaper in the long run for me.

Downloaded .Net CF 2.0 onto the phone, just need to have a play around with some code now.  I have got a great (well, good) idea for an application so watch this space 😉

Also started writing down all my ideas on the phone, following GTD style, which is great and finding it really useful to be able to write down notes and keep them safe (paper tends to go in a pile and get lost).

Good Points:

Bad Points:
I haven’t been able to download my IMAP email yet.  My university works great, so does googlemail and hotmail but my main account doesn’t work. 
Can’t have the phone on silent, but an alarm yet – what happens if I forget to turn it off silent and use it as a wake up alarm?
Doesn’t have Crossbow/WM6 and unlikely to be upgradeable.


I will blog more as I find more…


4 thoughts on “T-Mobile MDA Vario II”

  1. I have got it working with my IMAP account for Uni but my main email account is too big to store on my phone. When I tried it seemed to want to download everything first, and then remove everything which wasn’t three days old 🙁

    But I use mail2web.com for checking that account and it works perfectly (sometimes a little slow but I think its my main server).

    Remember, Windows Mobile 6 devices are coming out shortly….but it is a great device.



  2. I have got no problems with on the vario II, however it might be worth limiting the age of posts for download, i for example only download the previus month to my phone, anything older than that and i use a pc to access, but if you really want everything, why not sync just headers then you can download the emails you want to view.

    and BTW WM6 crossbow is available unnoficially for the phone and works very well, visit http://www.xda-developers.com for info (i am running Black 3.0.1 rom)

  3. Hello there. I was looking around for Vario II stuff when I noticed your page. You commented on the lack of official WM6 upgrades from T-Mobile. Well you can get the official WM6 rom here. http://www.tm-phonedownloads.com/

    I downloaded it yesterday, haven’t installed it yet but will do so as soon as I’ve backed up all my important info.

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