.NET 3.0 MCTS Exams

It looks like Microsoft are planning new exams for the .Net 3.0 MCTS technologies (WPF, WCF, WF).

At the moment they are planning 2-3 different exams (WPF + WCF/WF or WPF + WCF + WF).  They will be available to take as part of the Orcas’ release.

Guessing I will take the WPF exam when its released.  But I am starting to ask – is it really worth it?




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One thought on “.NET 3.0 MCTS Exams”

  1. I havent seen this announcement anywhere on the microsoft website, what is the source of your information ?any exected date when these exams will come in ? what about MCTS 2.0 on dot net

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