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At home I have signed up for BT Total Boardband, which touch wood has been working well so far.  With Option 3, you get the BT Home Hub and Phone which is a wireless router with a few ports at the back so you can plug in your phone for VoIP, two ethernet ports (using one for my powerline adapter) however tonight, I went into the Network on my laptop and noticed a item called Thomson.  Immediately I thought we had been hacked!! It wasn’t showing up in the admin section so started to get a little bit concerned. In one of the pages it had this unknown device listed as being connected to ethport3 (yet only two ethernet ports) with an IP of  A little bit of digging and I found that this is for the usb port on the hub.

So, I plugged in a small USB pen (which I got free from Google), went back into Network and there was a shared folder of bt_7g,  this was my usb pen.  My home hub is now a NAS box with full read/write ability.  Very cool and free!  On bad point is that my 4Gb pen I’m not using doesn’t fit,  need a little cable so it can break out the back.

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3 thoughts on “BT Home Hub – Built in NAS”

  1. hi mate – thank-you for this info. I have been scratching my head for the last week trying to figure out what the hell this was.

    I initally thought it was the xbox 360 wireless adapter as I only noticed this issue after I purchased it and had to make some changes to the home hub settings. After reading your post I put in a key and hey presto! Instant NAS! how cool is that but why doesn’t BT tell you what the hell they are doing with there updates.

    bad news : I just bought a worldbook for £189 to share documents when a 4gb key can do the same job 🙂

    cheers again – less hair to pull out tonight 🙂

  2. Hey thanks I wondered what Thompson was… i thought it was a hacker so I raised all of my security!!! Thanks for letting me relax!

    How did you find out what was???

    while im at it, i put in a 1gb stick and it works! i think i might try using it as a time capsule for my mac, except i’ve saved loads of cash!!! thanks!

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