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On Saturday I attended the first SQLBits conference.  The one day event was organized by UK SQL Server MVPs and focused on different areas of SQL Server with the sessions being categorised as DBA, Dev, BI and 2008.  The sessions themselves where very good, with Dave’s Top 10 keywords and Simon’s SQL Myths sessions being my favourites but there was a very good mix of different sessions to satisfy the different roles of attendees.  From what I got, most people seemed to be DBA’s which was pleasing.  Dave was doing his podcasting rounds so keep an eye ear out for that…

One bonus which I wasn’t expecting was that if you filled out the feedback form, you will be sent a £30 book voucher!! Take note DDD6 organisers 😉 Very cool.  Think I will get a SQL Server book…

Afterwards, Red Gate paid for coaches to take people back (we also paid for the coaches to get people to TVP from the station in the morning as well) to the station but also onto the Group By event.  This was cool was at previous events this has always been a real pain.  The evening event was held at Reading Bowl, I had my reservations about bowling but it was actually really good fun.  The turnout wasn’t great, but still had a really good time.

I’m now really looking forward to 2008 CTP 5 being released (was told its due this month sometime).  I have post about CTP 3 before, use the search box at the side to find them as sadly I didn’t label them (sorry…).

On a side-note, I had my confirmation for TechEd Europe today!!! My first time @ TechEd and really looking forward to it.

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