Speaking at Developer Day Scotland

 GetReady1-small Just to let everyone know, I will be speaking at DDD Scotland (May 10th). I will be doing my Red, Green, Refactor session!

Session Abstract:

Red, Green, Refactor!
Speaker: Ben Hall
Starting to unit test your first project is difficult, where to start? What to test? How do you even get started? In this session, Ben starts from scratch and implements an ASP.net 2.0 application using test driven development techniques. The application will have to deal with real world situations such as databases, web services and even some users! Ben will demonstrate how to design the application for testability and how unit testing and mock frameworks can make your life easier and your tests less fragile. At the end, will the tests go green?

For the agenda visit http://developerdayscotland.com/main/Agenda/tabid/68/Default.aspx

You can register at the registration page

I look forward to seeing everyone there.

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3 thoughts on “Speaking at Developer Day Scotland”

  1. how did I miss that? Im gonna be in the UK during. Now I’m gonna look at Ryanair’s site for London-Glasgow flights. I hope there are morning flights as I wish to avoid hotel prices…

  2. @Ken You’ll probably find that once you pay for the Ryan Air flight then all the extra bits you need and then spend an extra hour getting from Prestwick to Glasgow it isn’t such a good deal. BMI or BA from Heathrow is normally just as cheap (when you add it all together) and you get to the real Glasgow Airport.

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