TDD Painkillers slides from DDD Dublin 2010

Attached are my slides on TDD Painkillers from DDD Dublin. Thank you to everyone who came to the session, I hope you gained some value and tips you can apply on Monday.

One thing I did mention during the presentation was with regard to pairing. I know some people want to learn, but sadly are environments which make it difficult. As such, if people want to pair with me (over skype or in a bar) on a coding kata then please give me a shout! Alternatively, if you fancy a test review or feedback on your current approach then just let me know. Twitter is always the best way to contact me.

If people want to know more about my approach to testing, then you could always buy our book Testing Web Applications

DDD8: Albacore and Testing Web Applications using Ruby

Yesterday was the excellent DDD8. Thank you to all who attended. I gave a grok talk and a full presentation. The grok talk was on Albacore,  while the full presentation on Testing Web Applications using Ruby. The slides are below. If you have any questionsfeedback then do please let me know.

Don’t forget, if you are interested in learning more about Testing then my book has recently been released.


Download demo from

DDD South West – Dynamic Languages and .NET and Creating extensible application using MEF

This weekend I attended and presented two sessions at DDD South West.  Thank you to everyone who attended my sessions and the organisers for hosting the event, if you have any questions then please let me know. Slides and code for the two sessions can be found on the posts below.

Creating Extensible applications using MEF

Dynamic Languages and .NET

Dynamic Languages and .NET – Developer Day Scotland slides and code samples

This weekend I was in Glasgow presenting my ‘dynamic languages and .NET’ presentation at DeveloperDay Scotland. I demonstrated how you can take advantage of IronRuby as a language, but also how you could host the DLR within your own application to enhance your feature set. I had a great time and the conference was a great success. A massive thank you to Colin Mackay and the others for organising the event, as well as everyone who attended my session.

Slides can be found below, hosted via SlideShare. Code samples can be downloaded here. Photos can be found here.

I was also involved in the Database Testing panel. Very interesting discussion on how to test databases, thank you to everyone who attend the discussion.

One slight disappointment, Gary Short left before giving his IronSmalltalk grok talk –

Next up, DDD South West.

DDD Belfast: Creating extensible application using MEF

This weekend I was lucky enough to present ‘Creating extensible application using MEF’ at the DDD Belfast conference in, well, Belfast.  The conference itself we really well and I was happy with my session. Slides can be found on Slideshare any embedded below.

Feel free to download the Finished Demos from the presentation. 

Photos can be found on Barry’s blog, who I have to say did a great job of organising the conference, as did Craig and Phil.

UK Conferences – March, April, May

The conference season is upon us and we have some amazing events coming up over the next few months. All of these conferences are free and organised by the community. They are a great opportunity to learn a wealth of information and meet new people at the same time.

SQL Bits

28th March 2009
Geoffrey Manton Building
Oxford Road
M15 6BH




I will be presenting on NHibernate

DDD Belfast

Saturday, 4th April 2009
Belfast Metropolitan College
Gerald Moag Campus




I will be presenting Creating extendable applications using MEF


Saturday, 18th April 2009
Microsoft Campus,


Sadly I won’t be speaking at this one.

Alt.Net North

Saturday, 18th April 2009

Angel Way, Listerhills
Bradford, West Yorkshire BD7 1BX
United Kingdom


DDD Scotland

Saturday 2nd May 2009
The Continuing Professional Development Centre,
Glasgow Caledonian University,
Cowcaddens Road,
G4 0BA




I will be presenting Embracing a new world – dynamic languages and .Net

DDD South West

Saturday 23rd May 2009
Queen’s College
Trull Road,
TA1  4QS




I will be presenting Creating extendable applications using MEF and Embracing a new world – dynamic languages and .Net


I look forward to meeting everyone. Keep an eye on twitter as well as I’m sure various comments will be made…

DDD7 Slides and Code – Pex – The future of unit testing


Yesterday, Developer Day (DDD) 7 was held at Microsoft UK. I delivered a presentation on Pex, a new project from Microsoft Research. I provided an introduction into Pex, the problem it attempts to solve, how Pex works in the real world and finally where I think the future of unit testing and Pex is heading.

I had a great day and I was very happy with my session – the demo gods where with me. Based on tweets via twitter and other comments, it was generally well received.  Thank you to everyone who attended, when feedback opens on the website please be sure to leave your comments as they are all taken into account.


Code Samples:


DDD7 also had Channel 9 recording all the sessions, if you couldn’t attend – don’t worry, hopefully the videos will be online in the new year!

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Developer Day Scotland – Post Conference

image_thumb2This weekend I was up in Glasgow for Developer Day Scotland! I was their presenting my Red, Green, Refactor session which covers TDD and Test Doubles, very similar session to the one I did last weekend at DDD Ireland – this one just had a few tweaks…

As for the conference, I think Colin Mackay and team did a great job, everything seemed to happen seamlessly and everyone seemed to really enjoy themselves. Everyone who attendee were very excited and passionate about the event which really improved the atmosphere and made it a lot easier for everyone involved.

As for my session, I was very happy with it. I discussed everything I wanted, all the demo’s worked, and finished on time. It could have been better, but overall I was very happy with the outcome.



At lunch, I did a grok talk on Red Gate’s SQL Data Generator. Red Gate were one of the sponsors, but I just wanted to give a good honest demo of the product – not any marketing! Everyone I spoke to afterwards was really impressed with the application which is always good.

Next up, NxtGenUG Coventry where I will be presenting the same session, if you are in the area why not come along.

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DDD Ireland – Post Conference

imageThis weekend was the DDD Ireland conference in Galway. I was there presenting my Red, Green, Refactor presentation which outlines the concepts of Test Driven Development (TDD) and demonstrates some of the techniques via code. I think the session went down well, but it’s always difficult to tell.

The conference itself was great! Based on the same idea as DDD in Reading, some of the leading presenters in the UK (and Germany) community where on display discussing the latest Microsoft technology. We also had Barry, Dave and John from NxtGenUG doing swaggily fortunes, which was interesting…. Big thank you to everyone involved for organising the event, and for actually inviting me to speak 🙂

As promised, my slide deck and the completed solution for the application can be found here:

Slides – Ben

Code –

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