DDD Ireland – Post Conference

imageThis weekend was the DDD Ireland conference in Galway. I was there presenting my Red, Green, Refactor presentation which outlines the concepts of Test Driven Development (TDD) and demonstrates some of the techniques via code. I think the session went down well, but it’s always difficult to tell.

The conference itself was great! Based on the same idea as DDD in Reading, some of the leading presenters in the UK (and Germany) community where on display discussing the latest Microsoft technology. We also had Barry, Dave and John from NxtGenUG doing swaggily fortunes, which was interesting…. Big thank you to everyone involved for organising the event, and for actually inviting me to speak 🙂

As promised, my slide deck and the completed solution for the application can be found here:

Slides – Ben Hall_Red_Green_Refactor.zip

Code – BenHall_RedGreenRefactor_CompletedSolution.zip

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