Introducing the ADO.NET Entity Framework

For those of you who subscribe to VSJ, UK software journal, this month in the May edition hopefully you read my Introduction Entity Framework article. It is a huge framework and the aim of my article was to demystify some of the terms and how they all link together, I feel it archives this aim.

For those of you who don’t subscribe, you can find the article online at

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2 thoughts on “Introducing the ADO.NET Entity Framework”

  1. Ben

    Your article (which I read in print form in VSJ) was a good introduction to what I believe is a very important development within the “data access space”.

    I am glad that Microsoft will be RTMing this code, especially since I got quite excited about their last attempt to produce an ORM tool in the lead up to the release of Visual Studio 2005, which ended up being canned before it was released.

    We are certainly very excited about it at Revell Research Systems.

    Alastair Revell
    Managing Consultant
    Revell Research Systems


  2. Hi,

    Great article, clear and focused.

    Is it possible to do the other way — create the database schema based on the model? Would be great to implement that, and even better to implement schema changes (as opposed to recreating the whole schema thus loosing the existing data) according to changes in the model. The point is, a database is just a persistence tool, I want it to do whatever my model requires, not the other way round.

    Another feature that could be useful is in-memory queries. Suppose I’m sure that all entities that I need have been fetched already, can I switch off database access and do a memory search? Other useful applications of this feature could be disconnected scenarios, prototyping, and automated testing.



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