NxtGenUG Fest08

Today, I attend the NxtGenUG Fest08 conference at TVP. This is a conference for all the members (plus people who paid) from the different regions to meet up and have a great conference at Microsoft UK. It was a great day! An excellent atmosphere, very good sessions – especially “whose session is it anyway?”.

NxtGenUG also do awards for the best speakers over the past year, not heard any other user group doing this before and I think its a nice touch. As it happens, my Coventry Sandcastle nugget had the best feedback for the nuggets in Coventry (well, after the organisers nuggets were ruled out because they are organisers) so I was awarded a nice little trophy. Also turns out my recent Windows Clippings nugget in Cambridge had the best feedback, so I got an trophy for that too. I was pleased after receiving them.

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Right, how do you sell stuff on ebay? 🙂

Plus I got Halo 3 for the 360 as my leaving swag! Great day, can’t wait for Fest09!

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