NxtGenUG Oxford – It’s all dynamic with the DLR!


Last night I present my a new session for me, ‘It’s all dynamic with the DLR!’, at NxtGenUG Oxford. The session was an introduction into the DLR, where I covered how languages are implemented (with the example of ToyScript) and how to embed the DLR within your own applications.

Personally, I was really happy with how the session went. I was a little worried about Barry being in the audience, but actually it was really good fun having him there and I think it helped the session with his ‘insightful’ questions.

A big thank you to the the Oxford group (Organised by Barry Dorrans and Chris Seary) for having me and the group for listening.


Slides: http://blog.benhall.me.uk/downloads/NxtGenUG/DLR/DLR.zip

Demos: http://blog.benhall.me.uk/downloads/NxtGenUG/DLR/Demos.zip

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