DDD7 Session Video – Microsoft Pex – The future on unit testing?

As you may recall, in November I presented at DDD7 in Reading, UK about Pex and the future of unit testing.

Is unit testing about to have a major change? Pex is a project from Microsoft Research which automatically generates a traditional unit testing suite with high code coverage from hand-written parameterised unit tests. In this session, Ben explores the Pex framework, explaining the approach the framework takes and how it computes the test inputs based on your programs execution. Ben demonstrates how to use the framework and how it could potentially change the way we write unit tests.

At the time the session was recorded, with a little help from Liam (thank you!), the session is now available online. I hope you enjoy it!

Slides and code are available to download from here

One thought on “DDD7 Session Video – Microsoft Pex – The future on unit testing?”

  1. Great presentation. You’ve made me step back and go download PEX. I had looked at it before, but after this I’m shocked I haven’t been using it more. Thx for the great presentation.

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