Dynamic Languages and .NET – Developer Day Scotland slides and code samples

This weekend I was in Glasgow presenting my ‘dynamic languages and .NET’ presentation at DeveloperDay Scotland. I demonstrated how you can take advantage of IronRuby as a language, but also how you could host the DLR within your own application to enhance your feature set. I had a great time and the conference was a great success. A massive thank you to Colin Mackay and the others for organising the event, as well as everyone who attended my session.

Slides can be found below, hosted via SlideShare. Code samples can be downloaded here. Photos can be found here.

I was also involved in the Database Testing panel. Very interesting discussion on how to test databases, thank you to everyone who attend the discussion.

One slight disappointment, Gary Short left before giving his IronSmalltalk grok talk – http://www.flickr.com/photos/colinangusmackay/3496808871/

Next up, DDD South West.

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